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Use structure and simple drawings

Learn how to make your message VISUAL so others instantly UNDERSTAND what you mean. 🚀 

Activate your visual brain! Bridge the gap between logical thinking (words) and thinking in images (visuals).

Extreme Clarity Communication

Learn this method with pen & paper and use it anywhere. Even when you work 100% digital. So you can:

👉 Structure your own thoughts.
👉 Get to the core fast.
👉 Create a visual presentation that others understand.

For managers, experts and advisors

For anybody who collects information from different sources and puts this together into a plan. Then presents this so others say 'yes'.

You believe others understand the purpose better when you show them a visual.


Structure your story for that important presentation. Work with ease and confidence through complex topics.

Create a visual overview of the plan. Get a 'yes I'm in' from everybody involved. 🚀 

Get right to the core in discovery sessions with new clients. This makes it an amazing experience for them.

Your meeting notes are visually attractive and useful. Others start photographing them.

Be able to draw out on paper whatever you have in your mind.

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